This section of the website it devoted entirely to support. It contains useful information about your Cyborg controller and how it can be used on your PC.



On my Mac I have a dual boot installation and my R.A.T. will not function correctly in the operating system selection screen. How can I address this?

Whilst your Cyborg R.A.T. will perform as expected when in your operating system, it will not function correctly in the operating system selector screen, accessed by holding down the Option key when booting your Mac. You can instead use your keyboard to navigate this screen.


To choose the operating system that you wish to boot into, simply press the Tab key on your keyboard to highlight your required operating system and then press the Enter key.

I'm using the Mac software for my R.A.T. but the programming screen won't recognise any normal letters on my keyboard when I try and enter them into the interface

Tick 'Enable access for assistive devices' in the Universal Access pane of System Preferences and this will solve the issue.

I'm using the Cyborg Gaming Lights for amBX and they do not appear to be working. They're not present in the amBX Control Panel what should I do?

If at any stage the lights don't seem to be working, simply follow these instructions:


  • 1. Click Start
  • 2. Type services into the run box at the bottom of the start menu
  • 3. Click on Services in the options that come up (NOT component services, if you're using Windows 7)
  • 4. Near the top of the list of services find amBX Saitek HAL Service
  • 6. Click it and then click restart the service on the left.


They should now be working.

I have installed the Cyborg ST and the programming page is blank. How do I fix it?

Please follow these steps to get your programming software working correctly.


  • 1. Go to Control Panel and remove your current installation of the Programming Software via the Add/Remove programs (in XP) or Programs and Features (in Vista/W7)
  • 2. Click the link below and save the updated beta version of the programming software to your computer (note: DO NOT run from the FTP site, please save the file first)

  • 32 bit Download

  • 64 bit Download

  • 3. Run the new programming software by double clicking the saved icon and follow on screen instructions (they will be the same as the previous version)
  • 4. In the Profile Editor, click on the Support tab. In the bottom right hand corner of the window will be a collection of national flags that represent the languages the editor can be used in. Left click the desired language flag; it will become transparent when selected.
  • 5. Close the editor.
  • 6. Re-start the editor from the system tray icon, or from the programs menu on your start bar

Congratulations: Your programming software will now be fixed! IMPORTANT! The programming page will not be displayed unless a language flag is selected.

How can I set my game profile to activate when Windows loads?

If you want your profile to automatically load when Windows does, this can easily be set via the system tray icon. Click the R.A.T. icon and locate the name of your profile in the menu list. Right click the profile name and select 'set as startup profile'. Now when your PC loads, so will your profile. To clear the setting, click the R.A.T. icon and select 'clear startup profile'.

After installation, my programming software will not work. How can I fix this?

Please make sure that your copy of Windows is fully up to date via Windows Update. Make sure all important updates are downloaded and installed, specifically any updates that refer to .net framework.

How do I activate a profile in the ST program, after I have created one?

Left-click on the "Activate Profile" button within the ST software. Or right-click on the R.A.T. icon in the task bar and left-click on the profile you want activated. The R.A.T. icon will be green when a profile is active.

How do I clear a profile once it has been activated?

Right-click on the R.A.T. icon in the taskbar and left-click on "Clear Profile".

Can I link a profile to start when my game starts?

No. This feature is not part of the R.A.T. software.

Can my button settings to be saved directly to the R.A.T.?

The R.A.T does not have onboard memory, so your profiles are saved as documents on your computer. These can be transferred to USB storage devices for easy transfer from PC to PC. The DPI settings on your R.A.T. are saved to the device firmware. So, you can set your DPI preferences on one PC, then plug it into another PC (without drivers or software) and the DPI modes will remain intact.

What Windows settings should I have to get my PC ready for the R.A.T.?

Every gamer is different, so how you set your PC will be very much down to what you need to get the job done. The bare minimum that we would recommend is making sure that Windows is not having any effect on mouse acceleration and deceleration. First, go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options and turn off 'Enhance pointer precision'. In addition, you can download and use this small app for removing all mouse acceleration in Windows. This is a popular registry edit or gamers that we have turned into a handy app for you to use. Simply run the app and click Apply Fix (link to app).

Why won't my game detect all the additional R.A.T. buttons?

The left click, right click, back and forward buttons and mouse wheel button click will be detected by game setup menus. The additional scroll barrel wheel will not be detected by game setup screens. This function needs to be configured in the ST.

What is the total charge time for the R.A.T. 9 Power Cell?

A full charge will take up to 3 hours.

How will I know when the R.A.T 9 Power Cell is charged?

When the power cell is fully charged the LED on the docking station will turn green.

How long will the R.A.T 9 power cell last?

The play time on a full charge is 8 hours. An extra cell is provided so you can charge and play at the same time.

Does my R.A.T.9 feature any power saving measures?

Yes. In order to conserve the battery life, the R.A.T.9 has two levels of sleep state.
  1. 1. After 10 minutes of inactivity the R.A.T.9 enters sleep mode which is a low power mode, during which you may wake the mouse up again by either pressing a button or moving the mouse.
  2. 2. After 20 minutes of inactivity the R.A.T.9 enters hibernate mode in which power consumption is ultra-low. You may wake the RAT again from hibernate by pressing a button.

When installing the ST software on Windows XP, I receive a warning message 5 different times saying that the software installing did not pass the Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP. Should I continue installing the software each time this appears?

Yes. In order for the eclipse litetouch keyboard to function properly, you will need to click on "Continue Anyway" each time. The software will not damage your computer.

When installing the ST software on Windows XP, I receive a message 3 times saying that new hardware has been found. What do I need to select when this appears?

If asked, "Can Windows connect to Windows Update to search for software?" select the radio button that says, "No, not this time" and click "Next". Next, select the radio button next to, "Install the software automatically (Recommended)" and click "Next". Then, click the "Finish" button on the next page. Repeat this each time the found new hardware wizard appears

How to Activate and check a Profile

Save the profile to your desktop and unzip it. It needs to be deposited into the Saitek SD6 Profile folder. On XP this is located in Shared Documents. On Vista this is located in Public Documents

Now click the Saitek Controller Icon in the taskbar, the name of the profile will be listed in the menu. To activate it, simply left click the profile name and the Saitek Icon will turn green. To check what assignments have been made to the profile, right click the profile name and select ‘Edit in Profile Editor’.

My Mouse Cursor is moving unevenly

Please make sure that you have removed any old mouse drivers, such as Logitech Setpoint and Razer drivers. Also make sure that ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ is turned off. To do this, go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options and uncheck the box.

Dust and hair can also impact performance. If there are any foreign objects in the sensor, blowing into the area should remove them.

My Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad for Xbox 360 and PC will not work correctly in FIFA

If you have this pad and try to use it in FIFA you may notice that the controller is not detected correctly in the game’s options screen.

To resolve the issue the HID component of the pad will need to be disabled in Device Manager (this will disable the programmability of the pad, but enabling the component will resume functionality with our profile editor).

To the disable the component open up Device Manager.

XP – Control Panel > System > Device Manager

Vista/W7 – Click Start > Right Click Computer > Properties > Device Manager.

Open the Human Interface Devices section and locate:

HID - Compliant Game Controller


Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad (HID)

Right click the entry and select disable. Now when you start up FIFA the pad will be detected correctly.

Installation of Cyborg V.5 Rumble Pad for Xbox 360 on Windows XP.

Microsoft Windows XP (all versions) does not contain driver support for Xbox 360 controller hardware, in the same way that Windows Vista does.

In order to install, and use your Saitek Xbox 360 controller on your Windows XP computer, you will need to download the additional driver update from Microsoft.

Browse to the link below and input ‘Xbox 360 Controller for Windows’ into the product type list. Next, enter your Windows version and language preference, and the appropriate driver download will be selected for you.

My Cyborg X stick does not work on Windows 7 64 bit. How do I install it?

Find Control Panel > System > Device Manager you will see an entry for the Cyborg X with an exclamation mark next to it. Right click the entry and select 'update driver'.

Do not select the automatic option; instead select 'Browse my computer for driver software'.

Next, select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'.

If Cyborg X (HID) is the entry with an exclamation mark, select HID-compliant game controller.

If Cyborg X (USB) is the entry with an exclamation mark, select USB-Human Interface Device.

Click next to install the driver.

Once both entries have been reverted back to these basic USB devices, you can then update to our driver.

Right click each entry and carry out the manual driver update procedure again. This time select the Cyborg X driver in the list for both hardware entries.

How do I program my Cyborg keyboard to open programs and load websites?

The Cyborg Keyboard features 12 programmable keys that can be used to activate in-game commands and even load up applications and websites. The keys are ideal for setting controls such as quicksave, quickload, inventory screen and even your purchases in CS: Source. The instructions below should get you up and running.

Open the Profile Editor by clicking the Saitek icon in your taskbar and selecting Profile Editor. You will be presented with a column of cells. Each cell corresponds to a Cyborg key on your keyboard. If you are using the graphical version of the SST, pressing a Cyborg key on your board will highlight the corresponding button cell.
To make an assignment, left click the cell to make the programming cursor active. Now type the keyboard key or key combo that you want the Cyborg key to perform and click the green tick to accept. You can then name the command.
Once you have set the keys you want to the Cyborg buttons, click the blue target reticule at the top of the editor window, to save and activate your profile. You will know your profile is active when the Saitek icon turns green. To deactivate your profile, click the Saitek icon and select clear profile.

The thing to keep in mind is that the programming software will only carry out keyboard and mouse button presses. You can't, for example, drag and drop an icon in to the SST and set a button to activate that icon.

However, every program on your PC can be activated by using a string of keyboard inputs. What I tend to do is set one key to carry out [WINDOWS BUTTON] + R. This will bring up the Run command box, and then program another key to activate the game or program. You must input your commands into the editor in the exact way that you would perform them in Windows; otherwise the editor will not detect the key presses correctly.

The other Cyborg keys can then be used to activate the program of choice. To do is, you will need to set the Cyborg key to output the run command for the program, followed by a press of the enter key. For internet explorer you just need to have iexplore.exe[ENTER]. For Firefox you need to have firefox.exe [ENTER]. For a game, you would need to input the complete file directory path for the games executable file, for example

C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe[ENTER]

Alternatively, you can use this method:

Right click on the icon of the program you want to open and select properties. In shortcut key press a key you are VERY unlikely to use in the CTRL + ALT + ‘key’ combination and click ok.

Now in the profile editor, right click on your preferred Cyborg key and select "new advanced command". Enter the CTRL + ALT command you specified for the program.

Right click on the Press window and select QUANTIZE TIME and set the time to .005 seconds so that the activation time is extra quick and select ok.

You can also set the Cyborg keys to load websites, once the browser has been opened. Again, being aware of the keyboard shortcuts in Windows is very important. In either browser, ALT + D will highlight the URL in the address bar. So your assignment in the profile editor will need to look like this.


Note to Vista users. The icons in your quick launch bar can be activated by pressing the Windows key, plus the number that corresponds to its position on the bar. So Windows + 1 will show the desktop etc. Therefore, you can program these keyboard shortcut commands to Cyborg keys

When I plug my Cyborg keyboard into a Vista PC, the LEDs come on but the keys do not work.

The easiest way to resolve the issue is to plug the device back into the original USB port that you had it working on. Alternatively, this fix should sort you out.

With the keyboard plugged in (and not responding) go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager.

You should see two entries for the keyboard accompanied by exclamation marks in the Human Interface section.

Right click one of the entries and select Update Driver, then select browse my computer for driver software.

Select 'Let me pick from a list...' From the list you are presented with, select either USB-Human Interface Device or HID-compliant device and click next. Repeat for the other entry and the computer should now see your keyboard as a basic USB keyboard. This will allow you to reinstall the Saitek driver for the board.

The volume LEDs on my Cyborg Keyboard will not work

First of all, make sure you have the latest driver version installed from our website. On rare occasions, you may notice that the LEDs on your keyboard will freeze. This can sometimes happen if the game you are playing crashes. To solve the problem, the SaitekVolume service will need to be restarted. To do this, double click the SaiVolume icon located in:

C:/Program Files/Saitek/Cyborg Keyboard

Cyborg 5.1 Headset Setup

The Cyborg Headset provides great sound quality in both games and music. 5.1 surround sound can only be accessed by using the USB connector on the device. This is because the headset is in itself a 5.1 sound card, that over rides the sound device you already have on your PC. When using the USB plug, both sound and mic go through the one port. You can use the standard 3.5 jacks to achieve stereo sound and mic usage, but you should never use the jacks and the USB at the same time as this creates sound distortion.


Plug the headset’s USB into an available port on the back of your PC. Windows will acknowledge the new hardware and the headset will appear as a USB Sound Device.

You can then install the driver for the device. Once completed, open up the musical note icon in the taskbar next to the clock. On the first page set analog output to 6CH then press the play icon to test the 5.1 speakers. Now click the Mixer tab. Make sure that in the Volume section the entry for mic is active and has its volume level set to about 10-15%. If you set it too high you will get feedback and a quite annoying buzzing sound will occur. Make sure that Line-in is deactivated; the little rectangle under its volume slider will be grey instead of blue.

In the Rec section make sure that Microphone is selected (volume rectangle will be blue), and the volume set to about 40%.

Now open up Control Panel and then open Sounds and Audio Devices. On both Audio and Voice tabs ‘C-Media CM106 Like Sound Device’ should be set to Default Device (except for MIDI music playback). And the Use only default devices should be ticked.

That is everything correctly setup in Windows. If you open up Sound Recorder and say a few words, then you will be able to play them back in Windows Media Player.


Plug the headset’s USB into an available port on the back of your PC. Windows will acknowledge the new hardware and the headset will appear as a USB Sound Device.

You can then install the driver for the device. Once completed, open up the musical note icon in the taskbar next to the clock. On the first page set analog output to 6 Speakers then set System Input to 6 CH.

Now open up Control Panel then open the Sounds icon. On the play back tab C-Media etc etc will appear with a green tick next to it. On the recording tab, Line-in may have the green tick next to it, and this is not what we want. Right click Line-In and select disable, once disabled the C-Media Microphone will appear with the green tick. Click on the properties for the mic and set the level to about 40%.

Go back to the playback tab and open up the properties for Speakers. On the Levels page make sure Line In is set to 0 and the mic is set to about 10-15%.

That is everything correctly setup in Windows. If you open up Sound Recorder and say a few words, you will then be able to play them back in Windows Media Player.


If Teamspeak is your gaming program of choice, open it up and go to Settings > Options. Set sound driver to Direct Sound then check the Device section. Input Device should be set to ‘Microphone (C-Media etc etc) and Output Device should be ‘Speakers (C-Media etc etc). Those are the correct settings for USB 5.1 mode.

NOTE!   If you are using jacks, mic and speakers need to be set to the sound device that is on your system not C-Media CM106’.


If Ventrilo is your preferred program open it up and go to setup. Output device needs to be set to Use Direct Sound, as does the Input Device. Once these boxes are ticked Default Direct Sound Device will be set for both output and input and you will be ready to go.




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